Mike Lunderville, Founder

Mike started installing “rugs” with his older brother in 1975. He quickly realized that he did not like having a boss and punching a time card. So with 4 years of experience and a couple thousand dollars in the bank, Mike opened Mike’s Custom Flooring out of his garage in Grand Terrace, CA. He started the business as a word of mouth residential installation company. Over 35 years, he turned the business into a well respected full service Residential and Commercial flooring store and installation company.


Meet our team


Eric Esparza, General Manager

Mike’s stepson grew up working the summers for his dad. And spent 3 years in college as an estimator for Mike’s. After Mike’s passing Eric transitioned from his career as a Sales Manager to become the General Manager of Mike’s Custom Flooring. He has been running the operation since 2014.

Deborah Lunderville, Chief Financial Officer

Debbie, Mike’s wife of 30 years has been the HR and financial planner for the company since its inception. She has been a jack of all trades since Mike’s passing helping in sales, customer service, accounting, and any facet of the business that needs support and attention.

 Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

 Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Charles Dickey, Medical & Commercial Sales

Previously our Warehouse Manager and flooring installer, Charles has found his calling as a sales consultant with Mike's Custom Flooring. With 9 years of experience in the flooring business, Charles is easy to talk to and is an excellent resource on all things flooring. From your most complex or unique installations to choosing a color palette for your project, Charles has the answers.

Call- (951)-963-6932

Email- Charlesdmcf@gmail.com