uzin nc 150 leveling compound

Portland cement-based leveling and smoothing compound for depths up to 1". Works well for producing level, flat surfaces with high absorbency for standard preparation and cost effective applications in areas with normal wear demands.

Suitable for/on:

  • Producing level, flat, smooth substrates with high absorbency, for the application of carpet and all types of resilient floor covering
  • Producing flat surfaces for installing ceramic tile, natural stone and engineered wood flooring
  • Existing substrates with well-bonded, non-water-soluble residues of adhesives including cutback adhesive and leveling compounds (subject to primer application)
  • Efficient and economical standard leveling work for residential and commercial projects with normal wear requirements
  • Radiant floor heating systems


  • For depths up to 1"
  • Quick drying
  • Low stress - ability to cover difficult substrates
  • High compressive and tensile strength
  • Meets strict EMICODE EC 1 R PLUS criteria (healthy indoor air quality and very low emission)

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